Carrots and Snapper once again off the Eastcoast Bays

Looks like another bumper Gurnard season


Contacting my mate Friday night the call was to hunt down some Gurnard Sat morn. Last season was a bumper of a gurnard season and we were were hopping for another this year. I got the boat ready around 8.00 and rung my mate to say I would be round in 10min – I got that dreaded answer (Can’t make it was sick last night).

I was about to put my gear away and cover the boat back up but thought what the hell might as well go get a line wet for a couple of hrs. With our Gurnard spot only being a couple of min’s from the ramp meant I didn’t need to gas up any ways and I still had a little bit of bait left in the frez so decided to go give it bash. Launching just after 9.00 with the tide on the rise I was there in no time and had my first bait over the side with in a few min’s – I decided to drift while the wind was light until I came across some action. Yip first bait was a good pan sized snap around 45cm I dropped it back in over the side in hope to have more action, Dropping two baits over the side this time with in sec’s both rods buckled over – being on the mud I left them in the rod holders and quickly dropped the pick. Bringing up a Snap on one and a Gurny on the other I was letting fish go left, right and centre – Two hours was on the cards but I pretty much had enough fish on board with in an hour.

Although I love my fishing and would prob of spent another couple hours just catching and releasing, I decided to pack up and head home. Wasn’t a bad morning with 5 Snaps a few Carrots and home before lunch.

This time of year I love to fish those shallows but on the odd day when I’m keen for some Carrots I’ll head out just a little deeper – At the moment there are some good pockets of Snaps off the bays with gurnard in the mix – Last year we were getting more gurnard than snaps and we are hopping for another similar season. When targeting these fish just anchor up around the 15mtr mark on the mud, drop a burley and they should find you – If your not getting anything don’t move to far. Most Gurny’s we get here are good size to around 35-37cm so there is some goodies there to be had.


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