Chasing “BIG REDS” off Auckland’s Westcoast – Muriwai

There’s something magic about sitting out off the west coast chasing big reds – These catches are over the past couple of seasons my mates and I have had. The fishing at times can be unreal and at times you actually have to move to find smaller fish to take home. It’s amazing when your letting go fish in double figures and most are close or over the 20lb mark. This is an amazing fishery – un touched, rugged and unspoiled. If you ever get the chance to fish the West Coast never miss that opportunity to have an amazing day on the water of the Westcoast.

My Westcoast fishing is based off Muriwai (Auckland’s rugged Westcoast) in my mates 12ft tinnie. I grew up fishing the Westcoast with the old man and I must admit the only thing that has changed is the fishing from the rocks and beach. The fishing back in the late 70′s I use to do as a kid was a lot more fishy close in and the old man use to bring home Snapper the size of me sometimes. You still will on occasions catch fish from the rocks/beach but if you want to get into some really good fish a boat is the way to do it.

Another way we use to fish from Muriwai beach was by Kontiki – Back in the day we didn’t have the restrictions as we do now. We use to set ours half way along Muriwai beach or on occasions off the front of flat rock. We use to use a 25/30ft long bag that dragged our line out with the offshore winds, Setting it off flat rock it would go out past the island (couple K’s offshore) and the odd occasion when it was past it the wind would swirl around the island causing the bag to disappear behind the island. When it repaired we would franticly pull and wind the line each time it was seen until it came back around in front of the island, it was hard to do as we use to have around 90 hooks set and if it was full of big Snaps, Gurnard and Trevally as it was rear not to be.

Last season we even caught some good Snaps on our Berkley gulp Nemesis baits, The great thing was we were getting plagued by sharks after awhile on bait and changing to Gulp we only caught snapper.

Great memories and great fishing is what my Westcoast adventure are all about.

"BIG REDS" from Muriwai

“BIG REDS” from Muriwai

Great catch from the wild Westcoast

Great catch from the wild Westcoast


Pea & I with a few "BIG REDS"

Pea & I with a few “BIG REDS”


Nice Snap taken on our Burkley Nemesis

Nice Snap taken on our Burkley Nemesis


A couple of Westcoast "BIG REDS"

A couple of Westcoast “BIG REDS”


Another nice catch off Muriwai

Another nice catch off Muriwai


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