There is one thing my mates and I love to do is to head far North to chase “BIG REDS”. As of late we head to Whatuwhiwhi to chase Kings but when they don’t play ball we fall back to chasing those big far North reds.  My mate and I did my last annual 6 day far North fishing trip to Whatuwhiwhi in March of this year,  I have been doing two trips a year over the past 15yrs but moving into the fishing seen the bizarre thing is I’m having to give up on them. 

We have been chasing Kings there for the past 10yrs and it has always produced the goods, This was the first time that we had to give up jigging for big kings as the pins where plagued by rat kings and after two days we had run out of patience and didn’t want to lose another day trying with no results – We decided to try for some big far North reds and other reef fish for the remainder days.

We fished from morning till dark fishing for at least 12hrs each day (Most of my mates – well lets say all actually) always say they have needed a holiday after our far North trips, I would always say “Were not here for a picnic, We only get up here twice a year so we need to make the most of it”.

When staying at the Top Ten Holiday Park in Whatuwhiwhi it gives us plenty of options to fish no matter what the wind is doing, launching from both Whatuwhiwhi and Waikato Bay which is up towards Cape Karikari (This place is so unreal and majestic) even if you don’t fish this place it is a must to visit. Also you can travel back 10mins and turn off down to Rangiputa (This is opposite Kieron’s place – Reel Rods). Rangiputa is a paradise sitting on the Rangaunu Harbour, Crystal clear waters, silicon white sand and very healthy sea life.   

Day three we got on to the snaps and got them on the new gulp baits (Squidvisious and belly strips) and got a couple of beauties on the new pink glitter 5′ jerkshad wound onto the new Squiddo’s,  of course baits as well. Each evening we would move into the shellows for a stray line sesh (Sometimes even close to 100ft in places) but only 10mtrs from shore, Catching Snaps, Kahawai, Porai, Blue cod, Grandaddy Hapuka and more.

In the end even though we did not get onto the kings this time we still had a blast hooking into some good Snaps – My next trip ???? Hopefully I can still get a weekend somewhere like Tutakaka so I can still put our products against some decent kings but if not I will still be targeting kings around the Hauraki Gulf in summer.

Tight Lines

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