50 piece Assorted Hook Pack Suicide

Don’t run out of hooks on your next trip. This hook pack is the perfect way to booster your tackle with quality hooks before your next trip. The Berkley Suicide Beak Hooks are chemically sharpened and specifically designed to give you the extra edge during your fishing trips. With a wide gap and an offset inward curved point you can get a better penetration when the fish bites. It also comes with an ‘up eye’, perfect for snelling gang hook rigs. This is truly an all-around pack of hooks; especially selected and packed for catching Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai and Trevally.


  • Bay hook box
  • 8/0 Hooks – 5 pcs
  • 6/0 Hooks – 5 pcs
  • 5/0 Hooks – 10 pcs
  • 4/0 Hooks – 10 pcs
  • 1/0 Hooks – 20 pcs