9cm Minnow

No matter what the conditions throw at you, there is always a Berkley product to throw back.

Frenzy Lures are the result of years of research into what actually triggers a fish to strike. We have analysed the actions of the most effective hardbaits to create the best looking, best performing family of crankbaits ever produced. We know what triggers fish to strike more often. Our unique, lifelike patterns and highly reflective holographic finishes are designed to trigger strikes in otherwise inactive fish. There is a Frenzy lure for all types of Australian fishing.


  • Inbuilt rattle
  • Textured lifelike finish
  • 3D eyes
  • Extra sharp hooks
  • Highly reflective holographic finish
  • Effective and durable

9cm Minnow
Model Type Length Weight Depth
Frenzy 9cm Floating diver shallow 90mm 11gm 3m
Frenzy 9cm Suspending diver shallow 90mm 11gm 2m



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