Trilene Prograde

Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon – Proprietary formula, clearest, strongest and toughest.

Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon – Professional Grade™ is the ULTIMATE fluorocarbon fishing line bar none! Diameter for diameter it has the strongest impact strength of all fluorocarbon lines. It’s the Ultimate in manageability and the ultimate in invisibility. With a similar refractive index as water, fish can’t see it! It’s easily the most sought after fishing line by most of the Berkley Pro’s.


  • Ultimate invisiblity – Minimal light refraction for invisibility
  • Ultimate impact strength
  • Higher strength per diameter
  • Excellent manageability  – low memory for superior casting

TFFS2-15 2 180MTRS CLEAR .015mm
TFFS4-15 4 180MTRS CLEAR .017mm
TFFS6-15 6 180MTRS CLEAR .022mm
TFFS8-15 8 180MTRS CLEAR .027mm
TFFS10-15 10 180MTRS CLEAR .030mm
TFFS12-15 12 180MTRS CLEAR .033mm
TFFS15-15 14 180MTRS CLEAR .038mm
TFFS17-15 17 180MTRS CLEAR .040mm
TFFS20-15 20 180MTRS CLEAR .043mm
TFFS25-15 25 180MTRS CLEAR .048mm


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