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Another “EPIC” Snappa sesh on the Mighty Kaipara…

Well with the cooler days now coming on this is the time Pea and I love to fish the Kaipara – With the slight water temp drop around this time of year the smaller fish on the Kaipara start to leave and the bigger fish start there agressive feeding.

Saturdays weather was looking mint for the Kaipara so we geared up the little tin and headed for Shaelly around 7.30am – The high was around lunch time and with it being King tide…s we weren’t shaw if the Kaipara tides would make a diffacult day to fish.

I have been fishing the West Coast all my life and even if I don’t have a very fishey day on the West I still prefer it to fishing the Hauraki Gulf most times – The Kaipara reminds me of the old Bays when I use to fish it in the late 80′s, Pea and I for years when fishing from the rocks around Murrays to Long Bay we were luck to see another person. Fishing from the boat we would ever only have a handful of other boats go past us and never really saw a Kayaker.

Yesterday was just one of those days – Turning up at Shellys we launched on a silky smooth sea, no wind – cloudy it was turning out to be a mint day already. We headed down to a main channel for a quick softbait while it was half tide, drifting parralel to a bank there was plenty of fish. We still pulled a few small fish around 35-40cm so the odd small fish was still around.

It was about an hour to go before the high so we headed for a bank we fish which drops of into a channel around 4-6mtrs, we prefer to fish these places as you don’t get as much water flow and are able to strayline with 1/4oz – 1/2oz ball sinkers. We dropped a burley once anchored and it didn’t take long before the first big hits to start, our spot was on fire and over the high through the slack and about an hour after we pulled some nice reds – we lost a few good ones with big runs and head shakes and it was a lot of fun. We use small 3-4000 size reels on 3-6 or 4-8kg rods it brings a lot of fun to our fishing, with the stronger current these fish seem to have more power maybe from having to swim in a strong current homw.

It went quite for about an hour but we waited out for half tide as sometimes you get another run of big fish around then for about half an hour, shaw enough around three they turned up for another epic 30min bite time. With the King tide we did seem to have to fish a 2oz sinker to keep the bait down, over the day we caught well over 40-50 solid Kaipara pans – releasing most and keeping the gut hooked fish we brought home about 10 good Snapps.

It turned out to be another “EPIC” day on the mighty Kaipara fishing with a mate – it was calm all day with a 5knt V wind for most of it, we only saw another 4-5 boats the hole day with the closest  fishing being about 2k away – this place is truely magic and sometimes I wonder if I should post about it but it’s hard not to share a magic day on the water….

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