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REEL KIWI FISHING – (Movie) Chasing Snapper on the Kaipara Harbour with Fish Whisperer

Over this past season I have been fishing the Kaipara at any chance I get, I have fished the West Coast a lot but only really out off Muriwai by launching off the beach. Over the past couple of years I have meet another fisherman that lives at Shelly Beach which is a little seaside community right on the water in the Kaipara Harbour, this is why I now fish the Kaipara more and more.

My friend Darren from Shelly Beach softbaits and throws little jigs around in the shallows with great results, I have fished a couple of times with him now but I’m starting to venture out there with my long time fishing buddy Pea. We had fished it a couple of times years ago but not with great results, going out with Darren has changed that and it’s great to go to places on the Kaipara and stray line with 1/4 – 1oz ball sinkers away from the norm 20oz plus people use. We don’t venture to far and I know as you fish further down towards the grave yard or in the deeper channels this is where you would use such heavy weights. Not fishing more than a couple of min’s from the boat ramp and mainly no more than 5-6mtrs deep this has allowed us to fish very light gear from our rods & reels to very light weight, this has made our fishing on the Kaipara a whole lot of fun for us.

Some days have proven hard to fish but we have yet to go home empty handed and at most times we have even been throwing fish to 35cm back in favour to 40-60cm fish, we have only caught a few decent fish to 12lb and 90% of our catch would range 40-50cm in length (3-6lb). Being a new comer to the Kaipara I am unsure if we would get any bigger models than that without having to go further down and maybe even to the grave yard, we haven’t ventured that far as we only fish in my mates 12ft tin and even when in Darren’s 5mtr we still don’t venture that far. With decent fish just out past the warf we are not needing to go to far but I’m thinking if we want to have some fun with bigger Snaps we may have to start taking my 5.6mtr Senator for a change to venture further.

I do love fishing in the 12ft tin and 90% of my fishing is just that, even when fishing the East Coast we mainly use the 12 footer. It’s a lot of fun and a whole lot easier but maybe next season there may be a change to get my boat out there more times.


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