Well where do I start – Earlier this year I had organized another far North trip for Pea and I, I had my new 550 Senator and the plan was to head North for labor weekend to chase Kings. We had booked two days off before labors which would give us a 5 day window to fish, I have been fishing the far North for over 20yrs now and our number one spot to stay at is the top 10 holiday park in Whatuwhiwhi.

Staying here allows you to just about fish in any weather the Gods can throw at you, it doesn’t matter to much what way the wind is as there are multiple places you can launch from with in 10mins of each other to get a line wet and most times you will still land solid fish even in double figures – You can even venture to the West Coast if the weather allows.

Leaving straight after work on the Wednesday Pea and I left Auckland but not with my new Senator in tow but a friends small 380 Senator, I had sold my boat to move into a new 550C Osprey so we dropped back to the little tin. If there is one thing I love to do and that is to chase big fish in the 12ft tin, knowing we had options of where to fish weather permitting we weren’t to worried we didn’t have the big boat. Most of my spots I have fished over the years are in easy reach with a small boat and as stated before no matter where the wind comes from we should be able to find some solid fish….

After reaching the top 10 in Whatuwhiwhi around 9.00pm we unpacked quickly so we could gear up for our first day, I had been keeping the eye on the weather and at first it was looking promising. As the week went on it was changing all the time, it looked like for our first couple days we would have to fish the coast line around Knuckle point – The wind was semi off shore and it was only a quick 10-15min run from the ramp over the road. The sun rose on our first morning and we were on the water at first light, when we fish the far North we very rarely chase Snapper. We are normally here for the reef fish that we don’t get back down home off the Bays – Pea loves the Pig & Parrot fish but we also try to find the likes of Porai, Terakihi and lately we have been catching some big Blue cod and on occasion we have even pulled up some Puka pups off the cape 50mtrs out from the rocks…

Our first day gave us a few mentioned above and it was a great first day on the water -

Friday the wind dropped a bit so we headed out off the bay in the middle of Doubtless Bay, there were a couple of long line boats working and we could see they were pulling some nice fish. We anchored up in around 20mtrs of water – we had been moving around most of the morning with little to show but our first few baits were quickly gobbled up by a few small Snaps around the 40cm, we had brought along a couple of big Burls so we deployed them to see if we could get some bigger mods turning up. Each bait started getting hit and after a good hour all hell was breaking lose, Snapper after Snapper was coming up they were also getting bigger and bigger. We had dropped the Burley half way and this was bring the fish up off the bottom and our baits were getting smashed as we were letting our baits down – The arvo was an epic Snapper Sesh and in the middle of all the action I pulled a healthy Porai and Pea pulled a few big Terakihi and Blue cod which was distend for home.

Saturday was looking like a white wash the rain had set in and the wind was up, we took a ride into Monganui to kill some time and on our return looking out just off the Bay there were Gannets working – The rain was coming down but even though the wind was up, it was off shore and the Gannets were working close. Pea said bugger that (Not as keen as me) so I quickly sorted out the boat and with in 5mins I was towing my lure in the work ups, it was so quick the rod buckled over and I was into my first King with in seconds. I got it boated as soon as I could – being a solo mish I was having to do it all – reverse the boat, chase the fish film it and then land it…What a great fish, it was solid and went 105cm – I quickly unhooked it slipped back into the water and got my lure back in, the birds had moved off while my 10min battle was going on but once again with in sec’s of setting it back into the rod holder away it went again…What a magic morning I had in the rain fighting King fish all by my self, I ended up catching 6 all 100-110cm – all went back apart for one that was destined for the Smoker of the boat owner….

Sunday saw the wind switch round to the South and it had dropped a little, It was all lined up as expected and with an out going tide for the morning this time our destination was launching off Rangiputa – This is a magical place with white sands and crystal clear waters, the place just reeks of fish from big kings, Snapper, Trevs and all sorts of other fish. We towed our lure through a workup that had Gannets diving and scooping up Piper – We have caught some monster kings in this harbor but this time there were none or they just didn’t want what we were offering…. With the tide running with the wind we had about 4hrs to fish before the turn and being in the 12ft tin we were wanting to be outa there before the turn – I went to a spot I had fished with my mate Steve on a previously trip and caught some solid fish, firstly we just drifted and my first bait was quickly smashed by something that didn’t hook up. I told Pea we need to anchor up and drop the burley (He wanted to shift closer to a cliff for a bit of protection from the wind – Old man) but I was adamant there would be some good fish sitting in the mouth of the harbor…

The pick was dropped and then the burly – my first bait was nibbled at but when I struck – the rod buckled over and my reel started to sing, it was all go from the first bait that was dropped to the last bait used. This spot was on fire and the great thing was nothing was under 40cm, there were solid fish coming aboard left right and center – Pea’s smile got bigger and bigger and we normally don’t get to over excited but it was even hard to hold back the occasional yea ha!!! It was a top morning with well over 30-40 solid fish coming aboard and the best part they were all 40-65cm with nothing under sized or close to it…With us going home tomorrow we decided to keep 4 each and we let the rest go to fight another day…

The far North is defiantly a part of me and I feel lost when I haven’t been for awhile – It is special with it’s pristine beaches and clear water, I wonder how long this playground will be around as each year I head North I do see more and more traffic. I hope to one day get my kids there in hope that they to when older make it a special place of the own…

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