“BIG KINGS” taken on my little Abu combo – Revo 40SX & 5-9kg Velocity

My mate and I decided to go chase Kings in his 12ft tinnie today – We’ve  been catching snapper constantly over the summer and though it was time for something different. We left home bout 8.30 in the morn and headed North, launching of Army Bay bout 9.30 we started to get excited from the sight of birds working the whole bay. We headed out into the middle of them and with in min’s we were in amongst the work ups with big splashes busting the surface everywhere!! We spent 3-4hrs trolling and throwing around our Sebile lures, (Sebile Bonga & Sebile Flatt Shad), A couple of Berkley jigs and Gulp soft baits. I decided to go light and have some fun on some light gear thinking they were mainly Kahawai and didn’t think we would be into Kings that quick,  using my Abu combo –        ( Revo SX40 on the 5-9kg Velocity rod spooled with 20lb Spider braid).

I wanted to put this combo through it’s paces to see what it was made of and if it would take some punishment. The first couple of throws with the little Sebile Bonga had packs of (what I thought was Kahawai) but it was Kings busting each other out of the way, The Sebile was getting thrown around smashed, water everywhere and then I had seen what had made all the commotion “BIG KINGS” I yield to my mate Pea.

We both looked at each other, frantically and excited we were throwing the shads out again but this time I hooked up – My little combo started to creek and scream all hell broke lose, I decided to put the breaks on and I wanted to see if this combo would handle it to. The rod buckled under the load the spool slowed down, I started to get that solid thumping on the rod you get when you go into a stale mate when the they go onto there sides and pump.

After 15min’s I started to get a bit of line back, Colour colour I yelled and up popped a nice King to around 20kilo. What a fish I had caught on my little combo – to our amazement there were no Kahawai but were all Kings, Through out the rest of the time we had packs of Kings smashing everything we through at them. Most times we had 20kilo Kings knocking the smaller models out of their way to en-hail our lures – Man this combo has impressed me from day one and it took the kings today!!!!!

Big King caught on my little Abu combo

Big King caught on my little Abu combo

Abu Combo

My little Abu combo taking on the kings

My little Abu combo taking on the Kings

Another King for my little Abu combo

king1 King 5 king 6

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