Chasing “BIG KINGFISH” with Rick Pollock (White Island) Movie included

“Huge Kingfish” – White island mayhem

Well where do I start – Couple weeks ago my mate Ronald txt’d to say he was off on a trip to White island for a long weekend aboard Pursuit which is skippered by Rick Pollock, I played it down a bit as it has always been a place I’ve always wanted to fish – I said cool that would be a good trip to do.

Then I caught up with him again on the weekend where he asked if I would be keen to tag along – I told him I prob couldn’t get the Friday off work but after hitting the boss up it was all go.

I only had a week to sort my gear out and normally with my far North trips I do I wasn’t to sure 15 odd rods with reels would be welcomed on the boat…
I decided to take along some new Penn Fathom reels from work to trial – The new 40NLD2spd spooled with 80lb braid was going to be my live bait reel and the 25NLD2spd was going to be a lighter live bait reel / jig reel. These reels on paper looked the biz with 33-40kilos of drag so they would have enough stopping power on those big bad White island Kings.

Leaving Friday we picked John up on the way then meet up with the other guys (Rick, Anthony and Scott) in Clevdon – I hadn’t had much sleep that night as I was a little excited. We headed off from Rick’s place just after lunch as our boarding time was 6.30.

I had heard a lot about Rick Pollock from friends with very high praises from all, he sounded like a super and respected guy and charter skipper. After meeting him this weekend I can say yep what an amazing guy he is.

Getting down to Whakatane round 5.30 we grabbed a bite to eat then packed the boat and set off over the bar at 6.30 – We trolled all the way out to Whites and with a 10knt wind blowing it was a nice steady cruse out there.
We arrived out at Whites around 10-10.30 but it wasn’t bed time yet, it was time to fish for live baits for the next day. We had flying fish all around the boat which were coming in due to the lights on the boat and were scooped up by net – It was a lot of fun to do as well as fish for mac’s.

Most of the guys went to bed around 12-1.00am but Scott and I stayed up till 2.30 still scooping flying fish for the next day – I also dropped a bait and after getting dusted twice in a row I went to some heavier gear, I picked up an Trev around 5lbs but never hooked up to what ever dusted me.

Sat Morn I decided to get up around 5.00 to have a stray line until the rest of the guys got up – was a lot of fun with small kings and different kinds of reef fish.

After breaky we headed out to track down some “BIG” White island Kings – At our first spot rick got us in amongst the schools of baitfish – John started with a bit of stick baiting and before the other guys got there bait to the bottom it was all go – John’s rod loaded up and it was all go – Rod buckled reel screaming John was hanging on. Mid fight he dropped what Rick called a stonker of a fish

The next drop I floated a dead flying fish and with in mins my rod buckled and I was into a king – Mid fight the rod buckled and the reel started to scream – Deckie Mark said your 20kilo king has just turned into a 200kilo tackle breaker, I cranked my new Fathom 40 up and started to crank on the fish. I was to test some gear so I went full sunset on it and after 15-20mins I had the best at the boat – Rick was impressed with the reel after seeing the huge Bronzy surface, a quick cut with the knife from Mark it was released with no harm.

Rick made the decision there and then to move on rather than risk another big King taken by sharks – As above what a great skipper knowing he gets 30kilo kings there yet he moves on in favor of the fish.

Moving to spot X our first baits were being smashed – every bait was getting hooked up on kings and to start they were only 10-15kilo fish but as more baits dropped the fish got bigger with some solid 20kilo fish coming over the side. After wetting everyone’s apatite the decision was made to trawl for a marlin or what ever came our way during lunch. With not much happening and being in 500mtrs plus we decided to have a Bluenose drop – We got in 2-3 drops when the wind picked up to 20knts so Rick pulled the plug. The next three hrs were either fun or not fun (35knt winds with a good mtr or two seas) hammering us all the way back to Whites – Feeling battered and bruised every one was in bed by 11.00, I tried a bit more stray lining that night and next morning with rat Kings and more reef fish.

Once everyone was up it was time to get back to spot X for some XOS Kings – For the rest of the morning it was bent rods screaming reels – There were Kings 20-36kilo coming aboard and the decision was made to stay put for the rest of the trip.

At the end of the trip we had caught several fish over 20kilo and 3-4 fish over 30kilo, most of us got our PB’s as well. All of these fish went back tagged except for two that were to far gut hooked, It was an amazing experience aboard Pursuit to see how far these fish are looked after for a successful release from making Shaw the deck is wet to constant water flow through and over the fish.

My PB measured 140cm and Rick said it had 40kilo written all over it a couple of weeks ago but it had lost a few kilos after spawning so it weighed in at 36kilo – It was the highlight of my trip.



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