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The Berkley Pro Team is a wealth of experience, skill and passion for all kinds of fishing. Past and present champions of Australian Bass and Bream tournament fishing, offshore plastics, trout and native gurus, barra and tropical experts, a junior pro team and much more.

There’s Berkley pros in every state of Australia, get to know them and watch out for their contributions in the  Pro Team blog.



Mark ‘Mango’ Mangold
Regentville NSW

First Fish: Mullet with my Grandfather on the Hawkesbury River,

Favourite style: rowing lipless crank baits, slow rolling plastics

Most memorable catch: 2.4 kg bass at glenbawn ABT 4 lb leader and a bass minnow,  peeled of line and buried itself in the weed and had to free spool for aver 10 minutes waiting for it to release itself from the weed and then worked the fish and weed to the net.

Hobbies: Farming duties/ growing hay .

Career highlights: Winning a abt super series and winning my 3rd abt bream qualifier


Russell Babekuhl
Wingham , NSW


First fish: Bream.

Favourite Style: Surface lures around oyster racks / breakwall Mullaway on lures.

Most memorable catch:65lb mullaway on a hard body, AFC big bream .

Hobbies: Free diving / spearfishing , touch football , rugby league, all types of lure fishing from trout to Tuna

Career highlights: 2011 national grand final win/ 2012 national AOY.


Mark ‘The Captain’ Phillips
Central Coast NSW

First fish: Bream

Favourite style of fishing: Switch baiting striped marlin, I love the team work thats involved, when you get it right its a real buzz.

Most memorable catch: Probably a nine kilo snapper that I watched smash my five inch jerk shad in 20 metres of crystal clear water at the Mokohinau Islands in New Zealand. The thing that made it even more special was a bigger fish was trying to eat the bait out of its mouth the entire fight, amazing stuff.

Hobbies: Mountain biking, catamaran racing

Career Highlights: Regular contributor to Fishing magazines


Jason Kennedy
Berwick, Victoria

First Fish: Bream

Favourite Style: Surf

Most memorable catch: 35kg Blue Groper

Hobbies: AFL

Career highlights: 300 TV shows – Fishin Trip


Ross Cannizzarro



Micheal Winterton
Anthony Wishey or WISH


First Fish:  Summer Whiting

Favourite style: Finesse fishing, with 1 kilo fluorocarbon straight through

Most Memorable catch: It doesn’t matter how big or what you catch, what makes it the most memorable is who you are fishing with at the time.

Hobbies: Boating and Fishing, Photography and Gymnastics. (I can almost do a somersault now!!)

Career Highlights:

Winning the Queensland Open back to back, with Chris Britton in 2007 and 2008.

Winning The Polycraft Summer Series with Rob K in 2006.

Running 4th place at the ABT BREAM Grand Final at Ballina in 2006.


Chris Britton
QLD – the only state!

First Fish: Whiting

Favourite Style: Shallow water surface breaming in Moreton Bay

Most memorable catch:  My wife and 2 children

Hobbies: Fishing, Cricket Rugby League

Career highlights: 2 QLD Open wins is hard to beat with my mate Wishey and 1 Super Series



Callum Munroe
Cootharaba QLD

First Fish: Bream from the Noosa River

Favourite Style:  Bass and Barra fishing

Most memorable catch: Fishing my first ever barra comp and catching a 124cm Barra when I was 15.

Hobbies:  Fishing and Rugby League

Career highlights: Winning the Boondooma  ABT Bass Pro when I was 16 and competing in the Australian Fishing Championships in 2012.



Brad Hodges
Werribee – Victoria

First Fish: Redfin

Favourite Style: Working hardbodied lures through structure for bream.

Most memorable catch: a 5.72kg bag caught by 8:00am in the 2008 Vic bream Classic Grand final at Mallacoota including two fish in the well on the first 2 casts of the day.

Hobbies: Wake boarding, surfing and cricket.

Career highlights:

  • Victorian angler of the year 2009
  • 3 Bream ABT wins, Glenelg 2008, Mallacoota 2009, Gippsland 2010.
  • 3 Vic Bream Classics wins, Yarra/Docklands 2010, Yarra/docklands 2012, Hopkins 2012
  • Vic Bream Classic Grand Final Champions 2007



Jason Medcalf


Jason Erhlich

First fish – A whiting at Caloundra with my dad.

Favourite style of fishing – Lure Casting/ Surface Fishing

Favourite waterway/fishing area –Somerset(bass), Awoonga, Monduran (barra)

Most memorable catch – The big bass that helped secure my 2003 Bass Grand Final Win

Favourite music – 80’s stuff

Interests outside of fishing – Family

I worked for several years as a fishing guide before giving the game away to concentrate my efforts on improving my own angling skills. As a BASS Pro tournament competitor, I have claimed 2 qualifying round wins, a BASS Electric Grand Final win and have also taken out the prestigious BASS Pro Grand Final. I have won a range of other bass tournaments, finished 1st and 3rd in my first two barra comp team events and 2nd in the southern 2007 ABT Barra series. My face has popped up on a few fishing shows. The highlights of my television career were the series of AFC 2 and AFC 3. I enjoy the challenge of catching fish and like to share what I have learned with others. You may have seen my reports in the Queensland Fishing Monthly. Here, I work as the Freshwater Field Editor. I also present talks and demonstrations at Brisbane’s major boat shows. If you ever spot me at one of these events or even out on the water, be sure to say hello.


Nigel Webster



Pat Sullivan


Peter Morris


Mitch Birt


Chris Gates


Steve Duff


Shane ‘Bunga’ Dyason


Brent Delaney


Shane Compain



Brent Hodges

First Fish: Redfin

Favourite Fish: Snapper, Silver Trevally & Australian Salmon

Favourite Lure / Soft Plastic: Berkley Gulp Turtle Back Worm

Interests: Fishing! Cricket, Surfing & Snow Skiing

Fishing Media

I began collecting fishing magazines at an early age and have never thrown an issue away. My first article was submitted to Provincial Publications in 2004, which fortunately made the front cover of South-West Fishing Magazine. I’ve since been supplying feature articles and local area reports to a range of magazines, including; Sport Fishing Australia, Victoria & Tasmania Fishing Monthly, South East & West Fishing Victoria, and more recently, Fishing World. I also prepare a regular online report titled ‘Port Phillip North & Beyond’ which is available at and the Team Honda Marine website.


Hayley Bonnici
Northern Beaches, NSW

First Fish: Job Fish

Favourite Style: Lure fishing

Most memorable catch: 10kg Snapper and 24kg King Fish (Both in a competition)

Hobbies: Fishing & Travelling

Career highlights: Winning the Ladies competition in New Zealand. Winning the Dave Irvine snapper comp in 2012; the boat took 1st in women’s and 1st and 2nd in men’s and best boat overall; great result overall!


Tracey Mammen

Town and state:  Gold Coast QLD

First Fish:  Wild Bass, caught using a fresh wood grub bait on the Macleay River, Kunderang with my Dad.

Favourite Style: Soft plastics, the most versatile of baits!  I also enjoy working deep crank baits around rocks for Bream

Most memorable catch:  I hold many fond memories chasing Bass in Gorge country out of a canoe with my Father, and targeting trout in streams around Ebor where my Grandparents lived. Stealing a Bass with every cast to the back of a boulder on a fast flowing river bend in the Kunderang would have to be a standout. The images are vividly etched in my mind! 91cm Flathead from the Jumpinpin bar last year. Together with my partner Christine we caught 8 fish over 80cm within 45 minutes. Unforgettable!

Hobbies: Listening to music, travelling, laughing with friends, and anything outdoors. If I’m not near the water I head out to the country to hug trees :)

Career highlights:

4th Place, Senior Angler GCSFC Flathead Classic 2008, Champion Female Angler Flathead Classic in 2008, 2009, and RU in 2010 and 2011, Achieving 5th Place in ABT Non-Boater rankings, before switching to Boater in 2012, 9th Place Bribie ABT Qualifier – Boater 2012, 14th ABT Grand Final, Bribie Island 2012, Multiple top finishes in BREAM team events including BETS, GTS and Gold Coast Sportfishing Club Classic events, Gamakatsu Team Series Team of the Year – North 2011, 2012, Qualifying for 4 Grandfinals in 2011:  BETS, GTS, ABT Classic, ABT Non-Boater


Sean Chapman


Aaron Williams


Brendan Gow
Perth W.A

Best bream  tournament placing : 3rd in the 4 th bream classics round Perth W.A

Favourite location would have to be cruising the Murray river in Mandurah w.a throwing 3″ bass minnows deep into snags and pulling the bream out that the place has to offer.


Rob Kwiatkowski

First Fish Brown Trout

Favourite style of fishing Working hard body lures along rock walls

Favourite Waterway Moreton Bay

Most Memorable Catch 35kg Black Kingfish (Cobia) on a light surf rod, Alvey reel with 10kg line in Moreton Bay.


Steve Kanowski and Wayne Beazley


Peter Macor