Fireline Ultra 8

Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications.

The unique fusing process using heat to molecularly bind thousands of Dyneema fibres gives Fireline Ultra 8 more body than regular braids. The body and heft of Fireline Ultra 8  delivers unique handling properties and superb manageability. More tolerant of line twist than traditional soft braids, Fireline Ultra 8 performs exceptionally well on spinning reels meaning less loose loops and less wind knots on the water.

The 8 strand fusing process also gives Fireline Ultra 8 several significant advantages.

Fireline Ultra 8 is 4X more abrasion resistant than original Fireline, often regarded as the benchmark in toughness. Ultra 8 stands up to structure such as mangroves, barnacles, reef and wrecks. That means more fish in the boat.

Rounder and smoother, Fireline Ultra 8 casts 10% further than traditional Fireline expanding your fishing zone.

Fireline Ultra 8 retains superb knot strength and near zero stretch delivering a telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.

The unique fusing process produces a round profile that resists digging into the spool under heavy loads and never separates like many standard braids.


New Fireline Ultra 8 thermally fuses 8 braided strands to create a line that is 4X More Abrasion Resistant and casts 10% further than traditional Fireline while retaining that Fireline sensitivity and manageability.

Fireline Ultra 8 is available in Crystal, Flame Green and Blaze Orange colourations.

6, 8, 10, 14, 17, 20, 25 and 30lb breaking strains. 150m and 300m spools.


  • Thermally fused 8 Carrier construction
  • 4X More abrasion resistant than traditional Fireline
  • Casts 10% further than traditional Fireline
  • Optimised for spin reels

Fireline Ultra 8 - CRYSTAL - 150mtr spool
1450944 AUBU8FLFS6-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 6LB CRYSTL 6lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.10mm
1450945 AUBU8FLFS8-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 8LB CRYSTL 8lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.12mm
1450946 AUBU8FLFS10-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 10LB CRYSTL 10lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.15mm
1450947 AUBU8FLFS14-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 14LB CRYSTL 14lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.18mm
1450948 AUBU8FLFS17-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 17LB CRYSTL 17lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.21mm
1450949 AUBU8FLFS20-CY ULT8FRLN 150M 20LB CRYSTL 20lb 150m CRYSTAL 0.23mm
Fireline Ultra 8 FLAME GREEN - 150mtr spool
1450951 AUBU8FLFS6-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 6LB FL GRN 6lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.10mm
1450952 AUBU8FLFS8-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 8LB FL GRN 8lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.12mm
1450953 AUBU8FLFS10-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 10LB FL GRN 10lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.15mm
1450954 AUBU8FLFS14-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 14LB FL GRN 14lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.18mm
1450955 AUBU8FLFS17-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 17LB FL GRN 17lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.21mm
1450956 AUBU8FLFS20-FG ULT8FRLN 150M 20LB FL GRN 20lb 150m FLAME GREEN 0.23mm
Fireline Ultra 8 BLAZE ORANGE - 150mtr spool
1450958 AUBU8FLFS6-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 6LB BL ORG 6lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.10mm
1450959 AUBU8FLFS8-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 8LB BL ORG 8lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.12mm
1450960 AUBU8FLFS10-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 10LB BL ORG 10lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.15mm
1450961 AUBU8FLFS14-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 14LB BL ORG 14lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.18mm
1450962 AUBU8FLFS17-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 17LB BL ORG 17lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.21mm
1450963 AUBU8FLFS20-80 ULT8FRLN 150M 20LB BL ORG 20lb 150m BLAZE ORANGE 0.23mm
Fireline Ultra 8 CRYSTAL - 300mtr spool
1454031 AUBU8FLFS6-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 6LB CRYSTL 6lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.10mm
1454032 AUBU8FLFS8-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 8LB CRYSTL 8lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.12mm
1453281 AUBU8FL30010-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 10LB CRYL 10lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.15mm
1453282 AUBU8FL30014-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 14LB CRYL 14lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.18mm
1453283 AUBU8FL30017-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 17LB CRYL 17lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.21mm
1453284 AUBU8FL30020-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 20LB CRYL 20lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.23mm
1453285 AUBU8FL30025-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 25LB CRYL 25lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.27mm
1453286 AUBU8FL30030-CY ULT8FRLN 300M 30LB CRYL 30lb 300m CRYSTAL 0.29mm
Fireline Ultra 8 FLAME GREEN - 300mtr spool
1454033 AUBU8FLFS6-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 6LB FL GRN 6lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.10mm
1454034 AUBU8FLFS8-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 8LB FL GRN 8lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.12mm
1450964 AUBU8FL30010-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 10LB FL GN 10lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.15mm
1450965 AUBU8FL30014-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 14LB FL GN 14lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.18mm
1450966 AUBU8FL30017-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 17LB FL GN 17lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.21mm
1450967 AUBU8FL30020-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 20LB FL GN 20lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.23mm
1450968 AUBU8FL30025-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 25LB FL GN 25lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.27mm
1450969 AUBU8FL30030-FG ULT8FRLN 300M 30LB FL GN 30lb 300m FLAME GREEN 0.29mm
Fireline Ultra 8 BLAZE ORANGE - 300mtr spool
1454035 AUBU8FLFS6-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 6LB BL ORG 6lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.10mm
1454036 AUBU8FLFS8-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 8LB BL ORG 8lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.12mm
1450970 AUBU8FL30010-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 10LB BL OR 10lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.15mm
1450971 AUBU8FL30014-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 14LB BL OR 14lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.18mm
1450972 AUBU8FL30017-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 17LB BL OR 17lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.21mm
1450973 AUBU8FL30020-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 20LB BL OR 20lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.23mm
1450974 AUBU8FL30025-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 25LB BL OR 25lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.27mm
1450975 AUBU8FL30030-80 ULT8FRLN 300M 30LB BL OR 30lb 300m BLAZE ORANGE 0.29mm


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