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Reel Kiwi Fishing – Softbaiting/micro jigging “Horse” Snapper in the far North

With our King fish addiction satisfied with some hot jigging over 2 days in a row our sights turned to tracking down some big far North Reds, our far North trips are usually all about King fish and other reef fish and some great straylining sesh’s on harbor Snaps.

Pea and I have caught plenty of big Reds over the years so normally leave them alone but with Pea missing out on my trips for the past couple years we decided to go on a softbait/micro jig mish for big Reds.

With a mint forecast on the cards we decided to run up the coast a bit, we herd there had been a few big fish in the area but had gone a little quiet in the past week or two. I was keen to open up the Honda and take the Osprey for a good run any ways so we geared up to go a little wide for the day, I was keen to venture out to some new ground and drift through the day dropping softbaits and doing a little micro jigging.

we headed off at daybreak and ran for about an hour along the coast, there were birds working all along the way so we stopped occasionally and dropped the Gulp baits and jigs for a bit of fun. With no wind we drifted dropping our baits and metal we would instantly hook up. I was on the new Gulp 5″ Blue Fuze and it was getting smashed on every drop, it was great catching different verity’s of fish throughout the day to.

We fished an area that was holding some solid fish and managed to boat 4-5 fish around 25-27lb maybe bigger? these things were huge and some were a good 40-45cm high and we lost a couple we just couldn’t stop…The great thing was we were able to put them all back to fight another day, Pea’s big boy nearly got sharked by a Marko and you can see this in one of the last pics – it was great to get it up in one piece and send it back home.

What a day it turned out to be with some “Epic” softbaiting / micro jigging for some monster Reds in the far North – I’m hopping it will be like this again on my next adventure in Oct :-)

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